Maraacame (Shaman) 120×60 cm Rodolfo Diaz Medina
Here you see the story of a Huichol ceremony: The couple holding the ceremony are making offerings to the gods – a gourd bowl with a candle, prayer arrow and corn cob. To the left is the shaman, with his chair and magic wand, the “muvieri”. Left top are three figures – a pilgrim, the goddess of growth with her special staff and a maize plant, and a hunter bearing the head of a deer, all very important for the success of the ceremony. In the right lower corner are the large bell shaped flowers of the datura plant, known as the tree of the wind. This is very sacred to the Huichol, who on no account cut or eat the plant. They see it as a powerful being that can teach them about the other worlds which are shown in the upper part of the picture as strange bird and animal figures.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 120 × 60 × 10 cm