The People


The People 60 X 60 cm. José Refugio Pérez González
In this picture we see the people who go to the sacred place called Wirikuta or Real de Catorce in San Luis Potosí to ask to know how to cure and they are guided by a shaman or mara’acame for 12 years. At the center of the bowl or mandala we can observe a ribbon where they each mark their sins, the people who are asking for help. In the center we can see the god peyote giving knowledge and energy to whoever asks. This is where they make sacred offerings such as arrows made from cane. The people who appear in the lower part are our ancestors praying for the people who are asking to know more about curing the illness from which the sick person is suffering. The shaman or mara’acame will pray throughout the night to complete the ceremony.

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